Court/DHHS Referral Information

Eagle Village offers treatments and programs that serve abuse/neglect victims, kids that are blowing through foster care homes, and cases that require assessment or Mental Health & Behavior Stabilization.

We have been helping kids and families for 50 years. We know how to look at every situation from a trauma-informed perspective, de-escalate situations, and show our kids that we care.

Case workers and other Human Services Professionals are welcome to make referrals to any and all of our programs. Call our Admissions Team at 231-305-6606 or send us an email regarding any of our services for additional information, questions on openings, and to apply for programs.

Our Programs

Short-Term Interventions

Eagle Village uses intervention to keep small problems from escalating to big issues by teaching new skills such as natural consequences, anger management, decision making, trust, self-worth, perseverance, and boundaries. Challenge Weekends last three days and our Specialized Summer Camps last 5-9 days.

Residential Programs

Our residential programs all contain some of the same elements, many of which go above and beyond the state's requirements. Read more about who each program serves.

Our Therapists

Our therapists are master’s level with experience with trauma-impacted kids, behavior problems, and mental health issues. They are dedicated to the kids they serve and want to empower these kids for success after Eagle Village.

Kids meet individually with their therapists at least once (twice a week for those in our Connections program) and as part of group therapy at least once a week.


Clinical Services Manager
“I would say that the values that drive me are the ones that were given to me by my parents. To always do you best and help those around you. To be kind and always push yourself to grow. The best thing about working at Eagle Village is getting the opportunity to work with the children and spend time with them. It’s amazing to watch and see how they grow.”


Family Therapist
“I’m changing the world one child and family at a time. Through Eagle Village I have the opportunity to help families reunite and help end the cycle of abuse and trauma.”


Family Therapist
"I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to work with families and be a part of their journey as they accomplish their goals. A favorite part of my job is to help families discover there is hope. I appreciate being part of an organization that lives out their mission and truly cares for the families we serve."


Family Therapist