Residential Programs


Our residential programs all contain some of the same elements but differ in who they are trying to help. Keep scrolling to learn more or check out our Challenge Weekends or Specialized Summer Camps.

If you think you have a child or teen that could benefit from one of these programs call our Admissions Team at 231-305-6606 or send an email now.

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Pathfinders at Eagle Village is for boys and girls ages 8-17 who are in crisis or have not been able to maintain stabilized behavior. Pathfinders is a 45 day program that provides a therapeutic environment to allow youth to work through trauma and learn to self-regulate and stabilize behaviors using coping skills. The goal is for youth to achieve greater independence, establish appropriate relationships with family and/or trusted adults and reintegrate into the family home or transition to an alternative out of home living situation.

Think of Pathfinders as an Emergency Room for dysregulated youth. Beginning at intake the Eagle Village Team works with youth to stabilize behaviors, treat sympto­mology, establish medication stabilization, increase daily functioning and minimize the length of time in residential placement.

Treks at Eagle Village serves boys and girls ages 8-17. Treks is most effective for children with adjustment issues due to trauma. To stabilize and treat the conditions and symptoms youth are experiencing, intensive evidence-based programming and trauma-informed therapeutic services are utilized. The program is designed to meet the psychological, emotional, behavioral, physical, and spiritual needs of the youth and family.

The Passages program is based off of a Mental Health and Behavior Stabilization model with a unique consideration towards teens who are aging out of Foster Care. Passages is a program designed to equip and prepare teens, ages 15-18, for a successful transition to adulthood and community living. Full assessment of academic and vocational readiness, life skills, personal care, and decision making are combined with education and training to incorporate daily opportunities to learn and apply independent living skills.

Trauma informed individual and group therapy, vocational opportunities, and daily decision making and planning, help each teen craft a path for success and prepare for future independence.