The Eagle Village Difference

Eagle Village is more than a camp or just another residential facility for troubled kids. Our heart is for each individual we serve, truly believing in the potential of all people regardless of their story. We have decades of experience with trauma-impacted and delinquent kids and it is still our opinion that kids do well when they can. It is our goal to give them all of the tools necessary so they can do well, and even soar, as often as possible.

Learn more about our history and our methods here , check out our FAQ page, tour our residential facility, or take a deeper dive into the programs we offer here. Discover more of what sets us apart by clicking below.

We know that family involvement is crucial in order to achieve lasting change. That is why we do whatever we can to make sure families are included in our treatment plans. Each month we hold family therapy events we call Legacy Weekends. During Legacy Weekends our kids and families have a chance to learn and practice new skills, like communication, setting healthy boundaries, and taking appropriate roles in a family, all while under the supervision of experienced Eagle Village staff. Family members stay in our on-campus motel for the whole weekend, while we provide them with all their meals and programming. We will even pick up and drop off family members- regardless of where they live or how far away they are. We offer all of this at no charge to the families.

We are off the beaten path, but it is all part of our charm. Located on over 600 acres and in rural Hersey, there are few distractions here. The kids we serve have plenty of access to nature and spend time walking our trails to get around campus.

Sometimes it takes getting a kid out of their comfort zone to really make progress. We use wilderness trips, group building activities, and solo challenges to get to the real heart issues and teach our kids that they can conquer their circumstances. We have our own adventure learning equipment, Experiential Specialists, and all the space we could need to deliver these services.

We believe it is important for our kids to remember that they are part of a larger community. That is why we arrange field trips, college tours, and volunteer work for them to participate in. These opportunities help to give our kids confidence- confidence to know they CAN be a part of the world and that they have value to add to the world as well.

In 2022, our Transporters drove 180,743 miles taking our kids and families to Legacy Weekends, doctor appointments, home visits, college tours, court dates, and field trips. Our Transporters are a crucial element in helping us to get families involved in treatment and our kids into the community. No distance is too far for our amazing road warriors.

We have a spiritual foundation that drives us to do the hard work of helping the kids we serve. We honor that foundation by offering our kids weekly on-campus chapel services, access to our campus pastor, and their own Bible. All of these are optional and chapel alternative is offered for anyone that opts out.