One family whose adopted son has participated in youth challenge weekends is experiencing first-hand what it is like to have a “normal” home-life after their son Paul attended. Because of the unique adoption circumstances, they have had many challenges along the way including behavioral issues.

Paul was nervous and scared when he arrived at his first Youth Challenge Weekend. He didn’t want to be here and cried a lot his first weekend with us. It was the first time he had been away from his adoptive parents in many years.

Paul’s second Challenge Weekend was similar to the first. He was timid and held back quite a bit.

On his most recent weekend experience, Paul arrived smiling. His parents arrived smiling. They expressed that while this journey has been good for Paul, it has been healthy for them as well – first times away from him in 11 years. They have been able to get some time for their own relationship as Paul begins his journey. Mom even slept until 8am after they brought him to camp!

What did this family get out of Eagle Village’s Youth Challenge Weekend?

  • Parents loving the results in his behavior
  • They get a much needed respite from his behaviors
  • He is learning how to control his anger
  • All three of them are able to communicate needs better

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