We are always thankful for our volunteers.

Right now we have a kind church group committed to handling the Christmas presents for all of our kids come December.  Another group of ladies has been making new curtains for our kids’ bedrooms.  A Kiwanis Club has visited us numerous times to paint and perform yard work.

If our volunteers are awesome, which they are, then GROUPS of volunteers are amazing!  We are shocked over and over again at how quickly a group of volunteers can finish a list of projects.

In March, the CMU Football Team stopped by for a day and did more work than we could imagine- painting, ripping up carpet, rearranging our weight room, and even took some time out to play football with our kids.  They did more, in just a few hours, than we could do in a whole week!  Thank you so much CMU!

What group or team do you belong to that could give up some of their time for a good cause?  A sports team?  Your place of work?  What about your family or your church?  We would love to have you stop in and lend a hand!  Maybe you could also stay for a meal or have some fun on the ropes course afterward!  Give us a call at 231-305-6512 so we can set something up that works for you!


Check out CMU’s Volunteer Day below: