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Dear Prayer Partners,

This month, it’s my honor to introduce the newest member of our Spiritual Life team here at Eagle Village. I hope you will join me in welcoming and praying for Pastor Chris DeMerell as he helps us continue the very important work that God has given us! I’ve asked Chris to share a few words below…

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Pastor Eric Woods



Over the past several years as a youth pastor I have had the opportunity to interact with both residents and staff from Eagle Village at my local church. The spiritual growth of the residents that I saw was nothing short of miraculous; the dedication and maturity I observed in the staff was inspiring.  And now, I count it an honor to join the Eagle Village team and invest in the lives of residents and staff on campus!

Since the beginning of the new year, the Eagle Village community has been studying the book of John together. Pastor Eric has challenged both residents and staff to read the book of John in its entirety this winter. One young resident in particular has taken the challenge to heart and is always eager to talk about the book of John.  During my most recent interaction with him he told me that he was all caughThe Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3t up in his Bible reading. I asked him what his favorite part had been so far and he replied, “The story of the man who was paralyzed that Jesus healed… It wasn’t just his body that was healed, Jesus forgave his sins too. That’s why it’s my favorite.”

It’s both an encouragement and a challenge to hear words like this from a student here at Eagle Village. It’s a good reminder for us, Jesus is able to meet our immediate needs; He’s also able to transform our hearts. It’s our prayer at Eagle Village that our residents’ needs would be met, but also that their hearts would be transformed.

Pastor Chris DeMerell

Pastor Chris DeMerell