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Dear Friends,

Last week in chapel, we finished our series studying the Gospel of John. As we studied through, we were reminded that the Word of God is alive! We were reminded that the Word of God can live in us, and transform us! We were reminded that in all circumstances, God our Father is in control and the final authority! We were reminded that he exercises his good and perfect will for us as he provides for our every spiritual need. We were reminded that Jesus is the gate, through which we can and must approach God. We were reminded that Jesus is also the Good Shepherd, who watches over us and guides us. Of course, we were reminded over and over of God’s love for us, of the friendship he desires with us, and the salvation he offers to us.

And throughout it all, we were reminded of the power of God that can be witnessed when his people turn to him, turn to his word, and call out to him in prayer.

This month, we walked with several youth as they committed their lives to Christ for the first time.

This month, we celebrated with five youth as they completed a two-month reading plan through the Gospel of John!

And this past month, we experienced God’s provision as you, and many others, prayed for us daily. I hope you’ll join us again in praying daily through March (this month already in progress), that God’s grace would work powerfully in each one.

Thank you, and God bless!

The signature of Eric Woods, Eagle Village Campus Pastor

Pastor Eric Woods

P.S.  Sorry for the delay in getting the calendar out to you this month. I appreciated hearing from many of you that you missed it. We certainly do appreciate your ongoing commitment to prayer!