For 50 years we have been teaching kids and families that they are capable of more than they ever dreamed, stronger than they ever believed, and more loved than they ever knew.

It’s a Mindset Shift

Whether its with teams on the field, on camping trips for our Intervention Programs, or with kids in our residential houses, it is important to help individuals think about situations differently.  The truth is, there are thousands of things that we cannot control in life.  Things will go wrong.  Individuals will make bad choices that impact us negatively.  Unfair situations will arise.

What we CAN control is our response.  We can control how we think about a situation and how we react.  When we empower individuals to choose wisely in their reactions we empower them to make positive changes in their life.

A Mountain Worth Climbing

One way we help kids understand this concept is by putting them in challenging situations.

"That hill's like this program. I got to the top and I was like, 'I feel so much better!'"


“There’s been times where I just want to be like, ‘Screw it’ and give up,” said one resident.

“When we were on Quest, there was this giant hill. This hill was huge. I was like, ‘I’m not gonna make it. I’m not gonna make it.’ Like, this hill was up there… and I was crying. I was like… ‘I’m not doing this.’

“And I got up the hill. That hill’s like this program. I got to the top and I was like, ‘I feel so much better!’”

We help individuals see their true potential by teaching them mental resiliency and proving they can do hard stuff.  Then when the next mountain comes along…. they are ready.


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