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Dear Prayer Partners,

“Jesus lubs me dis nnn nooooo… forthuu Bible ellls me sooo….”

It seems it’s as hard for me to spell it out as it is for our two-year-old foster child to sing that familiar song… but the tune is unmistakable. Jesus Loves Me has certainly become a part of the daily routine in our household. He sings it before naps and at bedtime and sometimes bursts into song while he’s playing with his trains.

Whenever my wife and I have welcomed foster children into our home, we’ve always looked for ways to have a lasting impact. We recognize that after this little one moves on from our family—whether back home or to an adoptive family—he may not remember our names, the Bible stories we read him, or even to say please and thank you. But our hope is that the simple truth that God loves him will be hidden deep in his heart and that this familiar tune will carry him through all of life.

This month (May) is National Foster Care Month. During your times of prayer, would you please pray for the many Eagle Village foster families who have welcomed children into their homes? Pray that they would love well, as their Heavenly Father has loved them. Pray that God would raise up more foster families to play this important role. And pray for the more than 13,000 children in foster care across Michigan, that they would know what it means to be loved like God intends.

Thank you and God bless!

The signature of Eric Woods, Eagle Village Campus Pastor

Pastor Eric Woods