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Dear Prayer Partners,

Autumn is not often regarded as a season of New Life, spring typically claims that title. But here at Eagle Village, as leaves turn and temperatures drop, we are focusing intently on the New Life that is made possible by the work of Jesus.

Beautiful fall leaves cover the ground at Eagle Village

During our Chapel services this fall we are going to be journeying together though the book of Galatians. A conversation called Unlimited Potential. Paul’s message in the book of Galatians revolves around the idea that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ, not by doing the right things or not doing the wrong things. Paul reminds us that the Law of the Old Testament is replaced in our lives by the filling of the Holy Spirit. God lives in His people and guides them in real time.

We are excited to share such a powerful message of hope and transformation with our residents this fall… the potential in their lives is limitless.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Continue praying that God would bless the ministry of Eagle Village. Pray that staff and residents would both be filled and transformed by God.

Thank you for your partnership!

Pastor Chris DeMerell
Pastor Chris DeMerell