Who is the rock in your life?

Perhaps the first person that comes to mind is a parent or a grandparent, maybe even an older sibling. It’s the person you call when you’ve had a bad day. It’s the person you share your dreams with. It’s the person who is an unwavering presence, who you know without a shadow of a doubt will always be there for you.

Now, imagine not having that rock, not having that consistent presence in your life to turn to.

For many of the kids at Eagle Village, that is their reality. When they arrive, they haven’t had a consistent person to rely on and turn to. But here, at Eagle Village, they find that through our optional weekly service program and other spiritual programs. Consistently, almost all of the residents at Eagle Village choose to attend our weekly on-campus chapel services.

“I think so many of our residents are choosing to participate in our chapel programs because of a couple things,” says Eric Woods, Director Of Spiritual life and Camps at Eagle Village. “One, they’ve seen the difference it’s made in the lives of some of the other residents that have come before them. They see that transformation. They hear about it, and they know that that’s been an important part to them. But for a lot of them, you know, they’re looking for something that’s bigger than themselves. They’re looking for something that’s consistent, something that’s reliable that they can trust. And for them, the opportunity to connect with a God who loves them and who is ever steady and unchanging makes a difference, and it gives them hope for the future, and it gives them something to rely on.”

Former Eagle Village resident, Sara, says her time here restored her faith in God. She explained that she’s thankful for the spiritual programs at Eagle Village that taught her and the other kids here that they can turn to God with anything.

“So many of the kids here, like, whether it’s in Putnam House or Sherk House or Hainley, like, we’re all in the same situation,” says Sara. “We’re not living with a family. A lot of us are not going to go back to a family. A lot of us have been through some pretty significant trauma in our life. And, really, like, a lot of people are just like, ‘Well, I can’t talk to anybody because who am I going to turn to?’ Like, all they’ve ever known is someone who’s going to hurt them. And God is the one who never leaves you. He’s always there for you. You can talk to Him whenever – 24/7. It’s like an on-call therapist. Like, you can just vent and He will, like, help you. I mean, counselors can do the same thing, but I think Jesus is a little better.”

Eagle Village has been blessed to be able to provide spiritual programming for our kids for the last 50 years. To help us continue that important work, please consider a donation to the Eagle Fund today!