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Dear Prayer Partners,

Change is inevitable. It’s just a part of life. I am reminded of this reality now, more than any other time of year. Looking at the close of 2018 and at the beginning of a new year, I am reminded that change is a part of life and that change is a part of the DNA here at Eagle Village, in fact change is why we exist.

The interview process for each staff person that his hired at Eagle Village includes a question that is very simple, but has profound implications on the way that the organization operates and how we interact with each other every day. The question is this: “Do you believe kids can change?” We, here at Eagle Village, believe that kids (and their families) can change. This belief is the heartbeat of life here at Eagle Village. This belief is reflected at the very core of the organization. Our Mission is simple: Through God’s help and love, we serve, value and equip children and families for success.

And I am excited to share with you that we are able to see that change time and time again. The kids and families we serve, change. Over the past year I have seen youth come to a deeper understanding of and relationship with Jesus Christ. I have seen families come together and form a more unified family-unit. I have seen staff grow and mature as they continue their dedicated service.

Change is inevitable, Change at the core of Eagle Village, and we are privileged to see life-change time and time again.

Happy New Year, and thanks for your continued support of Eagle Village and her mission of change.


Pastor Chris DeMerell

Pastor Chris DeMerell