What will we do when Jesus calls?

Jesus stands at the tomb of Lazarus. Lazarus died four days ago; his family and friends have gathered to grieve, as Jesus speaks into the darkness of the tomb: “Lazarus, come out.”

Inside the tomb, Lazarus opens his eyes. Sits up. Stands up. Starts walking toward the door. Out of the darkness a silhouette appears. Lazarus walks out of the tomb. Terrified and filled with awe, the tears of friends and family turn to shouts of joy and laughter. The impossible just happened. Lazarus was dead and now he’s alive!

At Chapel this week, we explored the remarkable story of Lazarus, and we talked about the things in our lives that hold us back and hold us down. We discovered together that Jesus has the power to call us out of our problems, issues, and addictions, just like he called Lazarus out of the grave.

We also realized that we have to do our part too. Deep in the tomb, Lazarus had a decision to make. Would he walk out of the tomb or stay there in the darkness forever? He chose to take a step and walk out. In the midst of our struggles we are faced with the same decision: when Jesus calls our name, will we take a step toward the door or will we choose to stay trapped in the darkness of our problems?

Pray that when Jesus calls Eagle Village kids out of the darkness, they will have the courage and strength to take a step. Start walking. And do whatever it takes to leave the darkness behind and start a whole new life.

Pastor Chris DeMerell

Pastor Chris DeMerell

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