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Calls and Answers…

Things are different. Things have changed. Do I even need to say that? You already knew that, right? Life today is different for us here at Eagle Village, and for you at home and work and church.

Perhaps one of the biggest day-in, day-out differences for us here at Eagle Village is the increased use of video calls. Face to face interactions and meetings have been largely replaced by video calls. Maybe you can relate.

The challenge with video calls and phone calls is that their success is always contingent on the other person answering. If they don’t answer, the call doesn’t work.

But here’s the deal: God always answers. David says this to God in the book of Psalms: “When I called, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me.” And those words are true today, just like they were when David first spoke them. When we call on God, He answers.

No matter what happens and no matter where we find ourselves today, God answers when we call. As we send and receive video calls, let’s remember that God always answers when we call!

-Pastor Chris DeMerell