Pray Hard

Because Prayer Changes Things

I shared last month that Eagle Village remembers, honors, and frankly stands in awe of the life and legacy of her founder Kermit Hainley. Kermit was a strong leader, a gifted communicator, and a powerful prayer warrior.

Know that Kermit is and will be missed as a leader and a communicator, but perhaps the largest void will be felt in prayer. Kermit prayed consistently, prayed hard, and prayed often for Eagle Village.

This is my challenge to you and to me: let’s step up and pray.

Let’s pray like we mean it.  Let’s pray for God’s will to be done at Eagle Village. Let’s pray for God’s power to be unmissable at Eagle Village. Let’s pray for lives to be changed because of Eagle Village. Let’s pray that every day the Holy Spirit would fill the hearts and lives of Eagle Village Staff. Let’s pray that God’s help and love would be seen and felt by everyone at Eagle Village, staff and residents and families, workers, and visitors.

Let’s pray hard because prayer changes things.

-Pastor Chris DeMerell

Download the July Prayer Calendar Here!