When Help Comes in Unexpected Ways

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I recently helped a group of college students climb the Rock Wall here at Eagle Village. One young woman set a tiny goal for her climb: ’go up two steps.’ She was afraid of heights and didn’t think success on the wall was an option. The climb to which she was assigned made things even more challenging. She was assigned to the ‘blindfold-partner climb.’  So during the climb, she wouldn’t be able to see and she would be tied to a partner.

As it turns out, she climbed all the way to the top of the wall, a feat that seemed impossible. In the end, the blindfold actually helped her focus on her climb instead of her height. And her partner didn’t end up holding her back, but instead gave her a sense of security and peace on the wall.

The very things that should have made the climb more even more impossible, made the climb successful for her. Help came in the most unexpected way.

And sometimes God’s help comes to us in unexpected ways as well. Sometimes the very difficulty that stands in our way is the very avenue through which God works.

Keep your head up and know that God is in control and that God is with you.

Pastor Chris DeMerell