Dear Prayer Partners,

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love seeing the colors change on the trees and having cooler nights and mornings. It really shows off God’s creation in all its glory.

For out students, fall brings many new experiences with visits to apple orchards, soccer and flag football games against other schools similar in background. They also get to visit local high school and college sporting events.

Later this month, our students will participate in an event called Eagle’s Pride. This would be similar to a high school prom with the kids getting dressed up, having hair and makeup done and getting photos taken. Afterwards, they will come together for a plated dinner and party where they can learn how to properly socialize and use their manners.

Please pray for our students as they experience these new things. Pray they would see the beauty in God’s creation in who He made them to be.

Download our prayer calendar here.

God Bless,

Associate Pastor Chad Saxton